[ sohl  ree-hab]

The wellness turn up you never knew you needed.

noun, verb

A state of being. 

The lifestyle of reestablishing the deepest parts of oneself to be happy, whole, and healed. 

Soul Rehab is the healing sanctuary made for all but especially with women in mind. The reality is that life is just hard. It's easy to feel like life's punching bag - maybe you think this is just the way things will always be. Maybe pain seems to follow you or maybe some pain seems so great that you could never really get through it. Trust me, I get it. 

*enter Soul Rehab* 

Soul Rehab is the unfiltered place of healing. True, ever evolving, deep rooted healing. Healing hurts. Healing is ugly. But it is not impossible and is not unattainable. 

You are not an outlier who is too far from changing their life. 

The pain wasn’t your responsibility but the healing is.


We’re here to make sure that happens. We got you, sis. 


about us

soul rehab podcast

Your one-stop-shop for motivation, encouragement, and bad ass realignment. The Soul Rehab Affirmation Podcast is 5 minute episode of life changing affirmations and features the one and only TRAP MEDITATION where AJ goes off for 60 seconds full of raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic truth. 


Need to vent? 

we're here to listen