Ready to make the change you always dreamed of? 

"I just want everyone to feel seen and know that it does get better if you choose for it to. I know it feels excruciating at times, but healing is possible and joy is real."

- aj

about aj

AJ is a Georgia peach. She attended Howard University where she got her degree in Communications. After, she moved to LA where she attained her Masters in Intercultural Studies. 

AJ did everything right but still felt defeated by life.  It was then she knew that something had to change or she would always be this perfect on the outside dying on the inside individual. 


It was through confronting her darkest pain that she went through her own Soul Rehab.  

Since then, AJ has dedicated her life to helping others get back on their feet after life has tried to knock them down. She looks at Soul Rehab as her personal baby and can't wait to see where it goes. 

In her free time, AJ loves to box, spend time with her family, and binge watch Grey's Anatomy. 


AJ resides in Studio City, California with her fiancé.